I promise it won’t be like this every week.

In the first week that newly-hired Saturday Tradition writer Dustin Schutte made picks, they happened to look eerily similar to mine. Perhaps that’s because we’ve been exposed to the same preseason storylines, or because there’s not a ton of wiggle room in what should be a fairly lopsided Week 1.

Whatever the case, Dustin and I picked the exact same winners for all 14 B1G games to kick off opening weekend. Our scores weren’t that much different, either.

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We both have the two B1G teams facing ranked foes as our only two losers. Anything less than a 12-2 record for the conference would be a bit of a letdown.

But more noteworthy than the result is how each of these teams look. Will the B1G’s top 25 teams dominate? Or will they spend most of their openers shaking the rust off? Fortunately, we’ll find out soon.

Without further ado, here are our not-so-controversial Week 1 picks:

Indiana vs. FIU Indiana 37, FIU 24 Indiana 42, FIU 35
Oregon State vs. Minnesota Minnesota 27, Oregon State 21 Minnesota 21, Oregon State 14
Furman vs. No. 12 Michigan State MSU 49, Furman 10 MSU 35, Furman 7
Eastern Kentucky vs. Purdue Purdue 31, EKU 13 Purdue 27, EKU 20
Howard vs. Maryland Maryland 38, Howard 7 Maryland 35, Howard 14
Western Michigan vs. Northwestern Northwestern 29, WMU 22 Northwestern 24, WMU 21
Hawaii vs. No. 7 Michigan Michigan 48, Hawaii 6 Michigan 42, Hawaii 7
Bowling Green vs. No. 6 Ohio State OSU 42, Bowling Green 16 OSU 35, Bowling Green 14
Rutgers vs. No. 14 Washington Washington 33, Rutgers 17 Washington 28, Rutgers 7
No. 5 LSU vs. Wisconsin LSU 24, Wisconsin 14 LSU 27, Wisconsin 20
Kent State vs. Penn State PSU 40, Kent State 12 PSU 35, Kent State 7
Miami (OH) vs. No. 17 Iowa Iowa 36, Miami (OH) 6 Iowa 42, Miami (OH) 3
Murray State vs. Illinois Illinois 35, Murray State 13 Illinois 28, Murray State 14
Fresno State vs. Nebraska Nebraska 41, Fresno State 14 Nebraska 48, Fresno State 28