I spent the entire season believing in Wisconsin.

Ok, after the LSU win, I believed the Badgers were legit. Did I pick them to win against Michigan State? Well, no. Did I pick them to win against Michigan? Um, no. Did I pick them to win against Ohio State? I guess I didn’t.

But every time somebody questioned if Wisconsin was a top-10 team, I laughed in their face. I do believe that the Badgers, when healthy, are a top-10 team. Everything they’ve done with that gauntlet schedule is proof of that.

Having said that, I’m expecting the unexpected on Saturday. It has nothing to do with the Badgers’ long losing streak in Evanston. It has nothing to do with the two-quarterback system, either.

There’s just been one random, unexpected thing that’s happened every week in the B1G this year. I’m predicting Saturday that thing is Northwestern beating Wisconsin and ending the Badgers’ playoff bid.

Why? College football is a wild game, and sometimes, even the better teams have an off day. I’m predicting that for the Wisconsin offense on Saturday. So while I risk getting trolled after the Badgers win by three touchdowns in Evanston, it’s a chance I’m willing to take.

After all, I have three games to make up:

Last week

Dustin: 5-1

Connor: 5-1


Dustin: 58-19

Connor: 55-22

Indiana vs. Rutgers Indiana 36, Rutgers 17 Indiana 35, Rutgers 17
Michigan State vs. Illinois MSU 27, Illinois 21 MSU 24, Illinois 21
No. 8 Wisconsin vs. Northwestern Wisconsin 17, NU 13 Northwestern 21, Wisconsin 13
Maryland vs. No. 3 Michigan Michigan 43, Maryland 14 Michigan 38, Maryland 17
Purdue vs. Minnesota Minnesota 34, Purdue 24 Minnesota 31, Purdue 21
Iowa vs. No. 12 Penn State Penn State 27, Iowa 23 Penn State 28, Iowa 27
No. 10 Nebraska vs. No. 6 Ohio State Ohio State 30, Nebraska 28 Ohio State 27, Nebraska 14