Foot, meet mouth.

Last week, I used this space to say that sometimes you just bet on a team to lose instead of betting on a team to win. That’s what I was banking on — not literally, of course — with Purdue. I figured, backup quarterback or not, there’s no way Nebraska can sink any lower than it already has.

Well, 55 points allowed later, I ate my words.

My apologies, Purdue fans. You officially don’t have the worst team in the B1G. At least you didn’t on Saturday. But really, that’s all that matters.

That just goes to show you that even the worst teams in a Power-Five conference have the ability to light up the scoreboard on any given Saturday. So with that said, here are my picks to light it up this Saturday.

Last week: 4-1

Season total: 68-17

Penn State 28, No. 21 Northwestern 24

Illinois 42, Purdue 35

No. 9 Iowa 42, Indiana 31

Wisconsin 31, Maryland 10

No. 17 Michigan 35, Rutgers 14

No. 7 Michigan State 42, Nebraska 28

No. 3 Ohio State 38, Minnesota 14