It’s coming, right?

You know, that massive upset that NOBODY saw coming. To this point, we’ve only really had one of those. And looking back, Penn State’s upset isn’t looking nearly as massive as it once did.

To this point, the top teams haven’t been tested quite as much as they usually are. As stated in the Week 11 B1G Power Rankings, the B1G’s top five teams (Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin) have only lost one game to a team outside of that group and that was PSU losing as a road underdog to Pitt in Week 2.

Could this finally be the week that the top of the B1G doesn’t look so dominate and we change our playoff thinking? It could be. If so, we’ll all wind up looking foolish.

In other words, get ready for at least one of those lopsided games to go the other way:

Last week

Connor: 5-2

Dustin: 6-1


Connor: 60-24

Dustin: 64-20

Rutgers vs. Michigan State Rutgers 29, MSU 27 MSU 35, Rutgers 31
No. 10 Penn State vs. Indiana Penn State 35, Indiana 20 Penn State 35, Indiana 24
Northwestern vs. Purdue Purdue 45, Northwestern 41 Northwestern 42, Purdue 27
Illinois vs. No. 7 Wisconsin Wisconsin 38, Illinois 3 Wisconsin 31, Illinois 0
No. 5 Ohio State vs. Maryland Ohio State 52, Maryland 10 Ohio State 55, Maryland 14
Minnesota vs. No. 19 Nebraska Nebraska 27, Minnesota 21 Nebraska 28, Minnesota 27
No. 3 Michigan vs. Iowa Michigan 38, Iowa 7 Michigan 38, Iowa 14