Fire up your “last game of the season” clichés.

Don’t hold anything back. Leave it all on the field. Play like it’s your last game.

All of those phrases, while overused, can be applied to the final week of the regular season. But this year, every B1G game has either a bowl berth, division title or playoff berth at stake.

So what will we get this weekend? Will there be a bunch of underdogs playing loose like MSU did last week? Or will the better teams play like better teams?

That much remains to be seen. Predicting that, however, isn’t easy.

Let’s give it a shot:

Last Week

Connor: 6-1

Dustin: 6-1


Connor: 72-26

Dustin: 74-24

No. 16 Nebraska vs. Iowa Nebraska 24, Iowa 21 Iowa 24, Nebraska 17
Purdue vs. Indiana Indiana 38, Purdue 17 Indiana 42, Purdue 28
Illinois vs. Northwestern Northwestern 33, Illinois 16 Northwestern 45, Illinois 14
Rutgers vs. Maryland Maryland 42, Rutgers 14 Maryland 38, Rutgers 10
No. 3 Michigan vs. No. 2 Ohio State Ohio State 21, Michigan 17 Ohio State 17, Michigan 14
Michigan State vs. No. 7 Penn State Penn State 34, MSU 24 Penn State 31, MSU 21
Minnesota vs. No. 6 Wisconsin Minnesota 19, Wisconsin 17 Wisconsin 28, Minnesota 14