I nearly called my shot. I predicted perfection. I nearly got it.

Every game besides Illinois-Middle Tennessee State was correctly picked. That shouldn’t have been much of a challenge, considering every game I got right involved me picking the favorite. It wasn’t the boldest week, but so far, it was my best.

Having said that, expect this week to be all over the map. With conference play starting, the playing field should be somewhat leveled. I’m not saying Purdue is going into East Lansing and pulling out a win, but there are better games that could go either way.

I could easily see the Iowa-Wisconsin and Minnesota-Northwestern games going in a different direction. Margin for error is thin in conference play, as is true in making picks.

So let’s get to it.

Last week: 13-1

Season total: 45-10

No. 22 Michigan 28, Maryland 7

No. 19 Wisconsin 21, Iowa 20

No. 2 Michigan State 45, Purdue 21

No. 16 Northwestern 17, Minnesota 14

Penn State 35, Army 10

No. 1 Ohio State 49, Indiana 31

Nebraska 38, Illinois 35