Every once and a while, you have to make a gut call.

It has nothing to do with the matchup. You just get the feeling that “Team X won’t lose yet another game.”

Our Dustin Schutte did that last week with Northwestern. He said that he “couldn’t picture Northwestern falling to 1-4.” I didn’t really buy that. Instead, I rolled with the notion that Iowa wasn’t that far removed from being a borderline top-10 team and would figure it out against the lowly Wildcats.

Well, we all saw how that played out.

Sometimes, a team plays desperate. For the first time all year, Northwestern did just that. It got an offensive burst that it hasn’t had all year while Iowa looked like it didn’t know what hit them.

Dustin ignored the 13-point spread and was rewarded with a nice upset pick. So how did I respond this week? By being a coward and picking one slight underdog (Minnesota is +1).

Here are the Week 6 B1G Picks:

Last week

Connor: 4-3

Dustin: 5-2


Connor: 38-14

Dustin: 40-12

Iowa vs. Minnesota Iowa 27, Minnesota 21 Minnesota 28, Iowa 24
Maryland vs. Penn State PSU 33, Maryland 30 Maryland 35, PSU 34
BYU vs. Michigan State MSU 35, BYU 28 MSU 27, BYU 24
Indiana vs. No. 2 Ohio State OSU 48, Indiana 24 OSU 38, Indiana 13
Purdue vs. Illinois Illinois 27, Purdue 10 Illinois 42, Purdue 14
No. 4 Michigan vs. Rutgers Michigan 49, Rutgers 6 Michigan 45, Rutgers 7