If football games were 59 minutes and 50 seconds, I would’ve had a perfect week.

It’s too bad they make them play all 60 minutes. I bet Michigan fans can empathize with that.

Not that I’m likening my missed call to the sorrow Wolverines felt after Saturday’s stunning finish in Ann Arbor. But it’s worth noting that it took the two most improbable comebacks of the season — maybe in all of college football — to prevent me from perfection. Going into Week 7 thinking there was a legitimate possibility of 2-4, I guess I’ll take it.

Looking at Week 8, all signs would point to a perfect slate.

No game has a spread less than 6.5 points, though three of the five games could go either way without being considered a major upset. So while I don’t have a single underdog winning outright this week, I do have all of them covering the spread.

Call it hedging my bet. Oh, well.

Last week: 4-2

Season total: 60-15

Nebraska 31, Northwestern 28

Wisconsin 21, Illinois 17

Penn State 21, Maryland 20

Michigan State 45, Indiana 35

Ohio State 42, Rutgers 24