There’s a reason that we put the final score in predictions.

If we didn’t, we’d look a lot smarter than we actually are. Even if we get the final score wrong by 40 points, we get it right as long as the result is. And sometimes, saying a game is going to be a lot closer than the experts are makes the prediction look a little more bold.

Take last week’s Purdue-Nebraska game. Most expected the Huskers to win by three or four touchdowns. They of course ended up winning by 13. Dustin, however, predicted a 13-point win for the Huskers. Did he get any more credit than I did for calling a 28-point Nebraska win?

No. Well, at least not until now.

In other words, I’m fortunate that nobody remembers our final score predictions.

Last Week

Connor: 5-2

Dustin: 6-1


Connor: 50-21

Dustin: 53-18

Minnesota vs. Illinois Illinois 34, Minnesota 27 Minnesota 21, Illinois 17
No. 2 Michigan vs. Michigan State Michigan 47, MSU 17 Michigan 38, MSU 17
No. 24 Penn State vs. Purdue PSU 38, Purdue 16 PSU 35, Purdue 21
Maryland vs. Indiana Indiana 25, Maryland 23 Maryland 27, Indiana 21
Northwestern vs. No. 6 Ohio State Ohio State 31, Northwestern 27 OSU 38, Northwestern 21
No. 7 Nebraska vs. No. 11 Wisconsin Wisconsin 29, Nebraska 10 Wisconsin 24, Nebraska 14