Not to state the obvious here, but in order to be a contestant on Jeopardy!, you have to possess an incredible amount of knowledge that spans over a variety of topics. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean that knowledge has to pertain to college football.

That was pretty evident during Thursday night’s edition of the popular gameshow. A softball question about two college football rivals went unanswered by the three contestants participating in the show.

The answer: “Each fall Alabama and this SEC football archrival meet in ‘the Iron Bowl.’”

Most of us would’ve shouted “What is Auburn!” at the top of our lungs and patted ourselves on the back for a correct answer. But that wasn’t the case among the three contestants actually playing Thursday. One contestant buzzed in, but provided an incorrect response.

The other two contestants didn’t even guess.

Yikes. That probably didn’t go over very well in the SEC stats — especially Alabama.

While the three contestants are incredibly intelligent, they clearly need to brush up on their college football knowledge.