There’s been a lot of high-fives and fist-bumps around the massive Upset Alert headquarters after I called the Upset of the Year last week when unranked Purdue beat unbeaten and No. 2 ranked Ohio State. The hits just keep on coming here; that’s the fourth time in eight weeks where I’ve given you an outright winner who was an underdog by six points or more.

That’s a great rate. And I’ve got just one thing to say to those of you who took that advice and came out of the bank with a wheelbarrow full of money.

You’re welcome.

Here’s where the Upset Alert genius has placed his lot on the season thus far, with the winning tickets in bold:

  • Week 1: Northern Illinois (plus-10) over Iowa: Loss
  • Week 2: Arizona State (plus-6) vs. Michigan State: Outright winner
  • Week 3: Ball State (plus-13) at Indiana: Loss
  • Week 4: Purdue (plus-6) vs. Boston College: Outright winner
  • Week 5: Penn State (plus-3.5) vs. Ohio State: Loss but covered
  • Week 6: Northwestern (plus-10) at Michigan State: Outright winner
  • Week 7: Indiana (plus-5) vs. Iowa: Big-time loser
  • Week 8: Purdue (plus-13) over Ohio State: Outright winner

So can the Upset Alert genius keep it going in Week 9? ┬áHere’s what we’re dealing with in the Big Ten this week:

  • Indiana (minus-2.5) at Minnesota, Friday 8 p.m. ET
  • Wisconsin (minus 4.5) at Northwestern, Saturday, Noon ET
  • Bethune-Cookman at Nebraska (no line), Saturday, Noon ET
  • Purdue at Michigan State (minus-2), Saturday, Noon ET
  • Iowa at Penn State (minus 6-5), Saturday, 3:30 p.m. ET
  • Illinois at Maryland (minus 17.5), Saturday, 3:30 p.m. ET

When I saw all these lines this week, I was shocked. I mean, here I am, this Indiana grad who’s jumped on this Purdue bandwagon that’s now suddenly steaming down the tracks. Twice in four weeks I’ve called Purdue upsets, and now …

And now …

And now … you’re telling me the Boilermakers are UNDERDOGS against a Michigan State team that is so banged up at wide receiver, offensive line and quarterback that they couldn’t even gain 100 yards a week ago? The Boilermakers and red-hot quarterback David Blough are UNDERDOGS against one of the worst pass defenses in the country? Michigan State ranks No. 115 (out of 129 teams) in passing defense, giving up 275 yards per game.

And you’re telling me Purdue is an UNDERDOG? Well, fire up the train and bang that big ol’ drum, folks, because if you’re silly enough to let me take the Boilers, then I’m taking them. I think Purdue wins this one easily with all those MSU injuries. Take it to the bank, folks, it’s Purdue 27, Michigan State 17.

As an aside, my eyes went straight to Purdue and since my format is to pick only one upset a week here, I took the Boilers. But I also think there will be other upsets out there, as well. Home underdogs Minnesota and Northwestern have a good shot at winning, and I really, really, really like Iowa’s chances at Penn State. If I would have had to pull the trigger on any of those three this week, I could have done that comfortably. But these guys, they just won’t let me off this Purdue bandwagon.

So, needless to say, it’s going to be a very fun weekend of college football in the Big Ten, starting on Friday night. Enjoy it … and we have Saturday night free!!

See you at the bank on Monday.