Over the past few years, football fans have spent hours arguing about what exactly is a catch.

Well, we can all agree a play in Friday’s game between Tula and South Florida was most certainly not a catch.

This play came about halfway into the first quarter of the game. Facing third-and-three, the Tulsa wide receiver failed to bring in a pass along the sidelines.

In the eyes of the announcing crew, the discussion centered around whether the wideout got a foot down in bounds.

There was just one other slight issue: the ball flew through the receiver’s hand and the receiver never actually had possession of the ball.

While watching the replay, the analyst still wasn’t certain about the foot placement. Then, the crew expressed shock that there wasn’t a review. They were the only people watching that game who had that opinion.

This odd sequence might have something to do with the crew’s 2020 setup making it tougher to see what was happening. But this seemed pretty darn clear. The ball sailed past the receiver and was incomplete, despite the wideout possibly getting a foot down in bounds.