SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey appeared to throw a bit of shade at the B1G and Pac-12 conferences Saturday morning during ESPN’s College GameDay.

On Saturday, Sankey joined the GameDay crew virtually for an interview to discuss the upcoming end to the season. He started off by discussing the fact that Florida is going to wind up playing football for eight straight weeks when the Gators play in the conference championship next weekend. Sankey felt the need to throw in that there are some conferences not playing eight games all season:

“Florida is going to play eight-straight weeks next week with the championship,” said Sankey. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re going to have conferences that haven’t even played 8 games in their schedule.”

After that, Sankey was asked by Rece Davis if the SEC felt any pressure to give Alabama and Florida a bye this weekend in order to rest and prepare for the SEC Championship Game next Saturday. That is essentially the scenario that the ACC organized by canceling games for Clemson and Notre Dame this week ahead of the ACC Championship.

According to Sankey, there was zero thought on having a similar scenario for the SEC:

“None. Playing games matters. The selection committee for the College Football Playoff has said that and we have a chance to demonstrate the outstanding football in the Southeastern Conference,” explained Sankey. “I really didn’t have any pushback from our teams. They’re ready to play and have these opportunities. I think playing games matters. And, candidly, you look at Texas A&M-Florida game, we added that to our schedule and went from 8 games to 10. You take that game away and Florida is undefeated…it’s a different world. So, the question is, are we going to be rewarded for playing games, or rewarded for not playing games?”

When asked if he could have one message to give inside the room for the CFP Committee, Sankey said he would remind them that they have said every data point matters. That is likely another shot or attempt to put down the B1G and Pac-12 with Ohio State at No. 4 only able to complete a total of six games. As of now, the Buckeyes stand in the way of No. 5 Texas A&M and No. 6 Florida, teams that have played more games but also have one loss:

“The committee has said over time that every data point matters. We’ve got a set of outstanding data points,” claimed Sankey. “We’ve heard over time that every data point is important, which means playing games is important. And we, as a league, took that seriously. We added games to our schedule.”

Will those extra “data points” play a deciding role in the CFP field? It likely will only come into play if Ohio State somehow loses the B1G Championship Game. We will just have to wait and see what happens on Selection Sunday.