The focus might be on the college basketball season with March Madness heating up, but win totals and odds for the 2019 football season have been released.

BetOnline recently posted win totals and odds for the 2019 college football season, listing a handful of teams for the upcoming season. Only a few B1G teams were listed: Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin. In total, numbers for 22 teams were posted.

Win totals are pretty straight forward for the upcoming season, but the odds vary depending on if you bet on the “Over” or “Under” for a specific team. Here’s a look at where BetOnline has the four B1G teams finishing in 2019:

Team Win Total Over Under
Michigan    9.5   -170   +150
Ohio State    10   +125   -145
Penn State    8.5   -200   +170
Wisconsin    8.5   -110   -110