A potentially influential voice has expressed support for future College Football Playoff expansion.

Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez told CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd he would be open to adding two more teams and another round to the current structure.

“I would now be open to six,” Alvarez said.

The former Badgers coach sees a potential extra round being added, with rewards for the top two teams. He also says six could mean designating a spot for a team outside the Power 5 conferences (ACC, B1G, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC).

“Two byes [for the top two teams]. … Maybe give one spot to the … [Group of Five champion],” Alvarez told CBS Sports.

His endorsement of a potential six-team field could carry some significance. Alvarez was on the CFP Selection Committee, which ranks teams during the season and picks the four Playoff teams, from 2014-16.

Alvarez has warmed to the fact that a Group of Five team having a great season, such as UCF last year, deserves a chance to win it all. So far, the final four spots have gone to teams the Power 5. The drama surrounding which conference(s) will be left out has often been cited as a reason to keep the four-team structure.

“There are probably six teams that can win,” Alvarez said. “Some of those schools — that have years like that — should have a chance. They could fit it in.”

Also, the fact that B1G champion Ohio State was left out last season influenced his view.

“I knew one commissioner who wasn’t very happy,” Alvarez said.

The full article, which includes more from Alvarez as well as comments from CFP executive director Bill Hancock, can be read here.