LSU has a chance to do something really special on Monday night. One of the most incredible seasons can be capped off with a national championship, should Ed Orgeron and company knock off Clemson in New Orleans.

With a win, LSU would finish the season 15-0 with a national championship, in addition to winning the SEC, having the Heisman Trophy winner in Joe Burrow and the Coach of the Year in Orgeron.

It’s been an incredible year in Baton Rouge.

But, would this LSU qualify as the best of all time if it claimed the national title? SEC Network host Paul Finebaum answered that question in his weekly appearance on the WJOX RoundTable.

“Maybe. It looks like they have been. Statistically, they have done everything right,” Finebaum said. “Especially, I think if they do to Clemson what Clemson did to Alabama [in last year’s national championship], I think it will make it an easier argument. I don’t think it’s a difficult argument if they win 20-17.

“This has been going on now since the second or third week in the season. They had to climb the final mountain with Alabama, and once they did that, the record started to come into focus. …I think I would be prepared to do that.”

Obviously, there are plenty of college football champions that would be in that conversation. LSU would certainly have a case, but there have been several elite teams to claim a title over the years.

It’ll certainly be an interesting conversation if LSU comes out on top.