Bowling Green may not be winning any championships anytime soon, but the Falcons absolutely take the trophy for worst fake play of the weekend.

Down 17-0 to Buffalo, Bowling Green lined up to attempt what looked like a field goal from the 25-yard line on 4th down. After the snap, the kicker-turned-receiver stumbles on his own accord, falls, and loses the ball. Buffalo scooped up the ball, and ran it over 70 yards to the end zone.

Watch at it all goes terribly wrong for the Falcons:

The touchdown ultimately didn’t count with a penalty called on the return, but it was still an epic failure for Bowling Green. The Falcons are 2-3 on the season, and after the fake play, it’s not hard to see why. The game against Buffalo was expected to be close, with the Bulls only 2-point favorites.