The NFL’s overtime rules have come under scrutiny again. Despite the league’s (minor) attempts to fix a system that many deem “broken,” it still isn’t the preferred method to decide games. And after two NFL playoff games were decided in overtime this past weekend, fans are critical of the rules.

Fans in favor of a more exciting overtime system should tune into the XFL. This week, the new football league explained that it will implement a unique shootout-style overtime. And it sounds pretty thrilling.

A series of five two-point plays from the 5-yard line is the basis of the overtime rules, with the offense getting two points each time it reaches the end zone. Teams will rotate turns after each play, field goals are not permitted and defenses can’t score. After each team has five turns — or one team is mathematically eliminated — the team with the most conversions is the winner.

If the game is still tied, the two teams will then get one attempt each until one team scores and the other is stopped. It guarantees there will be no ties in the XFL.

Below is the video of the XFL explaining its unique overtime setup: