We’ve now reached the point of the year where all of the preseason top 25 polls are being released and Thursday had another platform release theirs.

Yahoo Sports unveiled their top 25 poll during the afternoon hours and there are some stark differences between that poll and the AP’s poll as to where each B1G team is.

The highest-ranked team from the B1G in Yahoo’s is Ohio State which shouldn’t be a surprise. They’re the favorite to win the conference championship again and they’re listed at No. 5 in this poll. In the AP poll, however, the Buckeyes are put at No. 4.

That one is pretty similar but things get different when you get to a team like Penn State. In Yahoo’s poll, they’re at No. 14, but in the AP, they’re at No. 19. The latter is probably better for the Nittany Lions going into this season as they were just 4-5 in 2020.

Indiana is also a program that’s lower in this poll compared to the AP’s. In the AP, they’re ranked at No. 17 while in Yahoo’s, they’re at No. 23.

The other two programs that are featured in Yahoo’s poll are Wisconsin (No. 12), and Iowa (No. 18).