Youngstown State might have the most underrated mascot in all of college football. This week, the Penguins might have the most underrated helmet in the game as well.

The program is set to wear a unique penguin-themed lid during its Week 7 matchup against Indiana State. Pete the Penguin, a staple of the program’s history has been blown up to fit around the sides, giving fans an up-close and personal look at his beak and all the trimmings.

This season, the Penguins have posted a 2-3 record, winning games against FCS programs like Duquesne and Dayton. Youngstown State is currently on a 3-game losing streak, losing to both North Dakota schools and then No. 9 Kentucky in Lexington.

Hopefully, the new lids featuring Pete could perhaps send the Penguins back into the win column. If anything, at least it looks cool right?

That’s all that matters in college football, anyways.