Bret Bielema is preparing his team for the trip to Lawrence, Kansas in Week 2. He did confirm that Matthew Bailey will not be making the trip at Wednesday’s presser beforehand.

Bailey suffered a foot fracture this summer along with another setback during the offseason. He did not play in Week 1 against Toledo.

While Bailey has been back at practice, he won’t be playing in the game. Bielema expects the DB to be back for Week 3’s game with Penn State.

“From a health standpoint, Matthew Bailey has been back with us,” said Bielema. “He won’t be able to play this week, but he will be back with us I think next week. Other than that, everybody came back at practice today.”

When asked about if Bailey will still travel the team, Bielema said that the decision to not bring the Illinois DB had to do with how valuable roster spots are. The Illinois head coach stated that if Bailey hadn’t played as much last season it would be different.

“No, just because the roster spots are so valuable,” said Bielema. “Like gameday-wise and practice-wise everybody’s checking with him. There are some things we could rehab with him that wouldn’t be the same. If he hadn’t played so much last year, I would’ve thought about taking him with us.”

Illinois and Kansas kick off Friday at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2.