Bret Bielema made sure to contact Paul Chryst after he got fired. 247Sports’ Jeremy Werner posted about what he said.

Bielema reached out to Chryst on Monday. He had a long talk with the former Wisconsin HC. Bielema coached at Wisconsin from 2006-2012.

This is what Bielema said about the situation surrounding Chryst at Wisconsin.

“You never truly know the moment you’re living in,” said Bielema.

If Chryst had beaten Bielema on Saturday he would have tied Bielema’s Wisconsin win total of 68. Bielema was the last Badgers HC to win a B1G title. Bielema won three of them from 2010-2012. Chryst finished 67-26 at Wisconsin.

Bielema also went into a discussion about the things that he has learned during his time as a head coach. The Illinois HC also mentioned how important it is to remove people from your football program who might be holding you back.

Illinois is now 4-1 and hosts Iowa on Oct. 8.