Bret Bielema appears to believe that Michigan State used fake injuries to slow down the momentum of the game against the Illini on Saturday.

The Illinois head coach joked after the game that the Spartans set a record for the most number of injuries in a game. Bielema also noted that all the Michigan State players who were seemingly injured all returned to the game.

Bielema even claimed it was miraculous all those injured players were able to return so quickly:

Michigan State beat Illinois 23-15 in a surprising upset on Saturday, despite the Illini being 16.5-point favorites. The Spartans managed to take the win even though Illinois accumulated 441 total yards, while Michigan State only accounted for 294 total yards. Most of the Illini drives resulted in punts, the longest play being an 18-yard pass in the 3rd quarter.

The Illini will look to get back on track as they take on Purdue next Saturday.