Bret Bielema would like to see one of his friends covered in Mayo.

Typically after a big win, head coaches will receive a drenching from the team’s water cooler. If Bielema had his way, the winner of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl would receive a bath in mayo instead.

This year in the bowl, Maryland will take on N.C. State. Mike Locksley and Dave Doerenare both friends of Bielema.Bielema recently discussed how he would share his idea with his friends.

“I’m good friends with both Mike Locksley and Dave Doeren. I may join a group message with them and say that I would take a great amount of joy in seeing both of them dumped in mayo. For me personally, let’s just cross that bridge when it happens.”

If Bielema’s friends really want payback, they’ll have to look outside of a bowl for ideas. Bielema is the head coach at Illinois, and his team will be playing in the ReliaQuest bowl against Mississippi State on Dec. 30.