College football can be a long, grueling commitment. It does make it easier when you have a sibling along for the ride with you like Illinois’ Chase and Sydney Brown per Joey Wagner of 247Sports.

Chase had a breakout year at RB last season and Sydney was a reliable tackler. Chase had a career-high 1,005 yards rushing with 5 touchdowns. As a DB, Sydney impacted the defensive side of the ball with 69 total tackles, 26 assisted, and 1 sack.

They are now both looking to have even better seasons than last year, pushing each other to be the best that they can be. For them, it has always about making the other better.

“Growing up, that’s what drove our success, I’d say,” said Sydney Brown. “Competition between the two of us, no matter what it was, just having each other to compare to. If he does something, I’m going to try to beat that. That was kind of the drive throughout our entire relationship growing up… Us two growing up, even in high school, even at school at times, we’re our best competition.”