Legendary Illinois and NFL linebacker Dick Butkus had a memorable experience Friday.

The Hall of Fame linebacker was on-hand for the unveiling of his statue in Champaign. The statue is perfect and captures Butkus in diving tackle form.

Before the official ceremony, Butkus delivered a press conference, and he did not disappoint. He was asked about a wide array of topics, including the current state of Illini football.

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Needless to say, all of Butkus’ comments were incredibly blunt, but he was spot on with most of his assessment. He included a number of stories from the past, and he perfectly summarized what it felt like to have a statue made:

“It’s a humbling deal. What the hell can you say? It’s usually for some dead people…it’s pretty nice,” explained Butkus.

You can watch the highlights of Butkus’ incredibly press conference with plenty of “bleeps” throughout, courtesy of BTN: