CHICAGO — Pat Fitzgerald is now he second-longest tenured coach in the B1G. Believe it or not, he’s already been a B1G coach for a decade.

As many experienced coaches do at Media Days, Fitzgerald took a moment to welcome the new coaches to the B1G fraternity — Chris Ash…Tracy Claeys…D.J. Durkin. And that’s it.

That’s right. No Lovie Smith.

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Smith, of course, was the biggest headliner in terms of new coaches in the conference. He’s also, of course, in the same state as Fitzgerald’s program. Both programs are fighting for recruits and press, which isn’t lost on someone as smart as Fitzgerald

Was there potential shade thrown? Perhaps, but it could’ve easily been a simple omission. He could’ve easily been a bit flustered with his revised opening statement that added condolences to the Michigan State and Nebraska communities.

In other words, take that for what it is, Illinois fans. But if you do choose to take that as shade, consider the intra-state rivalry on.

UPDATE: Fitzgerald was just a bit flustered. Go back to your friendly rivalry, Illinois and Northwestern fans.