Spring games are supposed to be fun. So in the second half of Illinois’ spring Orange-Blue game on Monday night, Bret Bielema threw a wrench into some of the plans.

In the third quarter of the game, after the Orange Team scored a touchdown, Bielema called on Big Ten Network sideline reporter Elise Menaker to step in at quarterback for the 2-point conversion. It was a smart call, as Menaker converted the play on a pass to tight end Daniel Barker in the end zone.

But the best part of the conversion might have been the celebration. After Menaker helped put two more points on the scoreboard for the Orange Team, she celebrated by breaking out her touchdown dance:

Coaches are trying to find out some things about their teams during spring games, but it’s nice to see that Bielema and Illinois are still having some fun as they wind down spring practice.