The NCAA’s recent decision on the name, image, and likeness issue is sending shockwaves around the country.

On Tuesday, the NCAA Board of Governors announced they will embark on a process to enhance opportunities for players to earn money with NIL. Nothing has ultimately been established, but the process has at least begun.

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While it is definitely a win for the players and athletes, it is still just the beginning. With the process ultimately just starting, there remain a number of questions and issues to be tackled.

During a Tuesday teleconference, Illinois AD Josh Whitman discussed the recent announcement by the NCAA. Whitman admitted that opinion is mixed between coaches, but most at least agree on the theory of the decision.

Whitman went on to say that the NCAA announcement was a “green flag” for the process. Now, the need is to enlist the help of creative people to put the answers in place.

Jeremy Werner with the Illini Inquirer shared Whitman’s comments: