Illinois men’s basketball is trying to make sure its players can play their best during their time there, and stay healthy while doing so. Incoming freshman Skyy Clark is one of the more recent players to work with Illinois strength and conditioning coach Adam Fletcher in order to prevent further injury.

Clark is a former 4-star PG per the 247Sports Composite. He committed to the Fighting Illini in April after de-commiting from Kentucky in March. Illinois is using the technology to get data on how pressure their athletes’ legs can endure to prevent injury. This is especially important for players like Clark, who is recovering from an ACL injury he suffered in July of 2021.

“The data, it doesn’t lie,” said Clark. “I’ve had so much more confidence in my knee and to do stuff and push off of it. When I returned from my ACL injury, at first I was pretty much playing on one leg because I was scared to do a lot off of my left leg. I’m getting back to my old self.”

Fletcher further explained how it works and why Illinois is interested in using the technology.

“One of the big indicators for us in doing return to play protocol is the left/right average breaking force,” said Fletcher. “When Skyy 1st got here, his average was at 14 percent. Today, we have it down around 5 percent, so we understand that the left/right average is getting better. Injury doesn’t happen on the jump, injury often happens on the land or the plant to change direction. Skyy’s ability to stop, change direction, and use both legs evenly is very, very important to keeping him healthy.”