On paper it’s not much of a matchup. The 4-0 Ohio State Buckeyes—presumptive Big Ten champions and playoff contenders—are headed Saturday to Champaign to play the 2-3 Illinois Fighting Illini—a team in hopes of a bowl game, any bowl game, to end the season on.

But the combatants have found ways to add flavor to what could have been a bland bowl of porridge, with the Fighting Illini announcing a sharp all dark-blue uniform, with the blue helmet and orange “I” up top, to counter Ohio State’s sub-zero all-white selections announced by the team earlier this week.

Whether the uniform makes much difference in the unseasonable warmth of Champaign—the temperature is forecasted near 50 degrees with clear skies overhead—is yet to be seen. One Illini fan expressed doubts in a comment beneath the photos of the uniforms, but said he’s looking forward to losing in style.

College football is not like the professional game in that you don’t have to win a championship to have a fun or satisfying season. Sometimes it’s something as simple as looking good while losing. But, then again, there’s always that chance you’ll win. 

The game kicks Saturday at noon from Memorial Stadium and can be watched on FS1.