So who is the best trash-talker on this Illinois team? According to defensive lineman Keith Randolph, it is definitely Devon Witherspoon.

“100 percent. 100,000 percent,” Randolph said.

“I feel like in order to talk your talk, you’ve got to be doing something well. Unless you’re No. 31,” Randolph explained.

Witherspoon is one of the top players not just in his conference but in the country. The defensive back was recently praised by Sports Illustrated as being the best at his position.

“Witherspoon plays bigger than his size (6’1″, 180 pounds) in that he absolutely brings the smackdown on offensive players every chance he gets. Defensive coordinator Ryan Walters’s defense is one of the best in the country, and Witherspoon personifies its physical brand of man coverage.”

So, Witherspoon has earned the right to talk a little trash because of his play on the field. When you play the way that he does, unlike a lot of players, you have earned the right to crow just a little bit.