Ohio State crushed Northwestern this past week. Cool.

Penn State beat Michigan by a touchdown. OK, not crazy. Iowa won a tight game against Purdue. Go Hawkeyes.

Illinois beat Wisconsin on a game-winning field goal as time expired. Of course. As expected.

Well, actually, wait a minute. That wasn’t expected at all. That was shocking. If there was one stunner over the weekend, it was that. The Fighting Illini were 31-point underdogs according to some. This was an upset that nobody saw coming.

Even Illinois fans were amazed.

Especially this Fighting Illini fan, who recorded himself reacting to the game-winning field goal:


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Again, this was obviously unexpected. This fan’s reaction sums it up quite perfectly.

Absolutely nobody saw this coming. Did Illinois even think it could go out and beat Wisconsin with the way the Badgers were playing? Obviously it wasn’t scared of Bucky.

That’s for sure.