Bret Bielema has Illinois bowl eligible in his second season at the helm. Illinois beat Minnesota 26-14 on Saturday to get its sixth win and become the 10th bowl eligible team in the nation.

This is the first time that Illinois has gotten close to such a feat since the 2011 season. Illinois is also off to its best start since the 1953 season. The Fighting Illini are 6-1 after beating the Golden Gophers on Saturday.

Tommy DeVito played liked his old self after coming back from injury. DeVito had 252 yards passing with 1 touchdown in his return.

Chase Brown had a ton of work in the backfield. Brown had 41 carries and 180 yards rushing when the final whistle sounded. Brown and DeVito were the only players who scored for Illinois with 1 rushing touchdown each.

The remaining teams that are standing in the way of an 11-win season for the Fighting Illini are Nebraska, Michigan State, Purdue, Michigan, and Northwestern.

The Fighting Illini face the Huskers next after a bye week on Oct. 29 away from home.