College kids are exactly that…kids. A lot of student-athletes on the field are still trying to figure things out with their life, with plenty of time to do so.

But one Illinois player brought a whole new meaning to “young” on the Illinois roster. That is, he didn’t even turn 18 until after playing in his first college game for the Illini. Now there’s something you don’t hear about every day.

Illinois defensive end Keith Randolph played in his first college game at the age of 17 on Saturday. He celebrated his 18th birthday on Sunday. So, he played in a college football game before being legally allowed to smoke a cigarette or purchase a lottery ticket. How about that?

Randolph was able to step on the field and make an impact for the Illini, too. He registered two tackles in the 42-3 win over Akron, both of which were assists.

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The victory, and a few tackles to start his career in the blue and orange, seem like pretty appropriate birthday gifts.