The Illinois Fighting Illini are now 4-1, with wins over Wyoming, Virginia, Chattanooga, and most recently, Wisconsin.

However, senior OL Alex Palczewski is here to tell you that these wins are not flukes.

Palczewski is tired of being overlooked, and his teammates feel the same way. With a 7-13 record over the past 2 seasons, the Illini look well on their way to accomplishing their best mark in over a decade.

Palczewski may have a point. It does seem like Illinois is not getting the national respect it deserves. Wisconsin was favored by almost a touchdown against Illinois in this game, and Illinois ended up winning outright, 34-10, prompting the “this isn’t an irregularity” comment.

Wisconsin moves to 2-3, while the Illini move to 4-1. With another tough B1G matchup next week with Iowa, we will see if Palczewski can back up his statements.