Illinois OL Alex Pihlstrom has had a winding journey through his career with the Illini. Now entering his 6th season with the program and looking to play a vital role on the offensive line, Pihlstrom also has a new look heading into fall camp.

On Monday, Jeremy Werner with Illini Inquirer shared a shot of Pihlstrom’s new mustache he’s sporting for 2022. Asked about the look, Pihlstrom admitted to seeing Top Gun: Maverick over the summer.

Pihlstrom also admitted that Miles Teller, one of the co-stars alongside Tom Cruise, “laid out there that the mustache is back.” It’s hard to argue with Pihlstrom’s assessment right now.

Pihlstrom originally joined Illinois as a walk-on tight end in the 2017 recruiting class. Since 2020, Pihlstrom has made 20 appearances along the offensive line with 7 starts. He will be a key piece for Bret Bielema’s offensive line throughout 2022.