Illinois is not a warm weather state.

The Fighting Illini football team plays in the cold consistently this time of year. This season, Illinois is playing better than usual, though.

The team will absolutely be going bowling this postseason. It is currently 6-4 overall and has won its last four games.

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With all that said, what is the motivation for Illinois the remainder of this regular season? It is still possible that the team wins the Big Ten West division believe it or not, but also, according to running back Reggie Corbin, the team wants to play in a warm weather bowl game:

Again, Illinois is used to the cold. The players probably don’t mind it as much as some schools in the south do. But, still. When playing a football game in late December or early January, you want to be warm.

If Illinois keeps winning, Corbin and the Fighting Illini may be laying out in the sun before their bowl game.

Sounds ideal, no?