Like many teams across the country, Illinois’ roster situation is quite fluid with COVID-19 protocol and injuries.

That was very true on Saturday as the team released an injury report less than an hour ahead of the Illini’s game against in-state rival Northwestern. It showed a group of players who did play and are now out and vice versa.

To translate, here are the list of players out: Defensive back Tony Adams, defensive back Sydney Brown, defensive back Nate Hobbs, defensive lineman Roderick Perry II, line backer Khalan Tolson and defensive lineman Jamal Woods.

On the other side of things here’s a translation of who’s playing: running back Mike Epstein, running back Nick Fedanzo and quarterback Coran Taylor.

Based on this, it appears the Illinois offense will benefit from some returns while the defense appears to be decimated by these absences. To make matters worse, Illinois learned this week of a departure by one player.

Ware was in his junior season with the Illini, he was part of the rotation at linebacker this season. He played in nine games in 2019 and started one game at safety. He also forced a fumble.