Illinois picked up two points from a safety in the first quarter of its season-opening game against Nebraska on Saturday afternoon.

The Illini got on the board after Nebraska punt returner Cam Taylor-Britt fielded a punt on the goal line, had his momentum carry himself into the end zone, and then threw a forward pass.

Here’s the clip:

And that’s how the first points of the Big Ten season were scored.

FOX analyst Dean Blandino said he believes it should have been a safety from Taylor-Britt’s knee hitting the ground on the goal line, but the lead official cited the forward pass while in the end zone.

Either way, the result is the same: a 2-0 lead for Illinois.

The offenses are struggling in this one early on. Neither team has been able to move into field goal range so far in the first quarter.

Illinois is looking for its second consecutive win over Nebraska.