Illinois is starting hot against Iowa.

The Illini started the game on defense after kicking off to start the game, but it did not take long to force a punt. Iowa quickly stalled out and had to punt the ball away.

After that, Illinois went to work offensively, and it was a quick and successful drive. Quarterback Brandon Peters led the way, connecting with Daniel Barker for the score.

It was a relatively simple route with Barker running down the seam. His positioning was key as he was able to split the outside defender and the safety in the middle of the field. Barker’s route provided just enough of a window for Peters to fit the throw in for the score.

It gives Illinois the early 7-0 lead during Homecoming:

Last year, Homecoming produced the historic upset of Wisconsin. Are the Illini channeling a similar mojo against the No. 19 Hawkeyes?