Bret Bielema joined Illinois prior to the 2021 season to try and rebuild the program. Along with that rebuild, Bielema is working to revamp and rebrand certain aspects of the program.

Part of that rebranding includes updated details of the helmets worn by Illinois football. It is also known that Illinois will be getting new uniforms, but those will have to wait until the 2023 season.

On Friday, Illinois released a video with Jake Rosch – Director of Football Equipment Operations – going over the new details.

“We supplemented the verbiage of the warning label into the state shape of Illinois, pay a little tribute to the state itself,” said Rosch explaining one of the first details.

Numbers inside the blue stripe on the back of the helmet, a larger “FamILLy” logo for improved visibility on the back, and a block I in 3D raised bumper on the front are also new details. Rosch also explained how each helmet will feature a custom interior of the helmet for each player using a 3D map of each player’s head.

“A mouthguard for your head” is the best way Rosch could describe the interior. That custom fit is focused on improving player safety.

Here’s a look at all the details: