Josh Whitman has to be feeling good about his basketball program. The Illinois AD talked the new upgrades to the Ubban Basketball Complex per 247Sports’ Derek Piper.

Whitman gave a media tour of the facility on Thursday.

Whitman talked about what makes the complex stand out. Illinois is coming off of a 23-9 record last season. Whitman believes that there are very few facilities that have what the Ubban facility does.

“There are some facilities around the country that may have one or two of those components,” said Whitman. “We’re not aware of anybody that has all of those things in one place,” Whitman said. “So, we see that as a major differentiating factor for us.”

One of the important things for Whitman was about recovery for the men’s and women’s basketball players. The AD seems to like the upgraded facility.

“Today, the real science is around recovery,” Whitman said. “People are starting to understand much better how the body recovers, things we can do proactively to create a better environment for the body to recover. To allow it to go out and work at a high level again.”