Which teams across the country had the best performance this past week? Ohio State? LSU?

Nah. Neither of those schools.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit put together his top six performing teams of Week 8 and a team you hardly ever see on these lists made it at No. 1:

That’s right. The Illinois Fighting Illini came in at No. 1 for Herbstreit. And, honestly, it’s understandable. According to some sportsbooks, Illinois was a 31-point underdog to Wisconsin. Yet, it beat the Badgers.

That same Badgers team that had shut out four of their six opponents this season. That same Badgers team that had an improved QB in Jack Coan and a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate RB in Jonathan Taylor.

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Some thought the Badgers had a shot at not only going undefeated and beating Ohio State this coming week, but doing real damage in the College Football Playoff as well. And to be fair, Wisconsin may have been deserving of that talk.

The team had looked that dominant.

It looked that dominant until it met up with Illinois.

Fighting Illini, may all the credit in the world go to you. You deserve it.