There is a streak that involves the MAC and the Big Ten that is truly hard to believe if you don’t know it already.

For 13 straight seasons, the MAC has had a team beat a B1G team. And actually, that streak was pushed to 14 thanks to the game on Saturday between Eastern Michigan and Illinois.

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Eastern Michigan defeated Illinois 34-31 and this marks the third straight season in which the Eagles have beaten a B1G team. In 2018, they beat Purdue 20-19 and in 2017, they defeated Rutgers 16-13.

Impressive, right?

After the win against Illinois, watch as Eastern Michigan brought out its MAC flag to celebrate:

Here’s the field goal that sealed the deal:

This obviously isn’t fun if you’re a Big Ten fan.

Will 2020 be different? Luckily, next season, Eastern Michigan isn’t playing a Big Ten team.

That doesn’t mean the streak won’t reach 15 consecutive seasons, though.