With so many interesting coaches in the B1G today, it’s rare that Lovie Smith is ever the talk of the day. But at B1G Media Days on Tuesday, the Illinois head coach gained plenty of attention.

But it wasn’t because of anything that Lovie said or did while in Chicago that had him trending on social media. Instead, it was his appearance that had everyone talking.

To be specific, it was his beard that garnered all of the attention Tuesday morning.

Smith was trending on Twitter early Tuesday after making an appearance with the beard at B1G Media Days. He’s had the beard for several months now, but it was still surprising to see a not-so-clean shaven Smith at the event.

Here are just a few photos and remarks regarding Smith’s new look:

The beard received a pretty good response from everyone on social media and attending B1G Media Days.

Will Smith keep the beard for the football season? We’ll have to wait another month to find out.