Don’t expect to see a defensive coordinator at Illinois anytime soon. Well, at least not one who doesn’t have the title “head coach.”

Over the weekend, Smith was asked if he’d like to continue to be the defensive coordinator for the Fighting Illini. His response gives you the idea that he has no intention on switching things up when it comes to that specific staff position.

“Something I’d like to continue to do?” Smith said, according to 247Sports. “That’s like I have to ask somebody to do it.”

Illinois had a focus on takeaways this year, associated with the term “Lovie Ball.” And it worked pretty well for the Illini, forcing 28 turnovers this season, third-highest total in the FBS. Illinois led the B1G in that category, as well.

The result was a 6-6 season, an upset win over No. 6 Wisconsin and a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Michigan State in East Lansing. Now, for the first time since 2014, the Illini are going bowling and will take on Cal in the Redbox Bowl.

Because of the success Illinois enjoyed this year, Smith says he has no intention on changing things up.

“I’ve liked it, but every year I’ve coached I’ve liked it and I’ve been involved,” Smith said. “I was involved a little bit more, a lot more this year, yes. I don’t plan on making any changes at all. As I moved to a more hands-on in this role, as you become a head coach, there’s a reason you become a head coach. You have an expertise. You should have an expertise on one side of the ball. In Coach (John) Harbaugh’s case, special teams. So why quit doing it? Why quit doing it? Yes, I intend on continuing to do that.”

It’s not uncommon for a head coach to have expertise on one side of the football and to be more involved in that area. But to control one side of the football is becoming increasingly more rare these days.

But, as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”