The ReliaQuest Bowl had no shortage of interesting plays. Other than Bret Bielema’s decision to run the ball after overturning a clock stoppage just before half, there was an interesting unsportsmanlike penalty in the second half.

Tommy DeVito tried to thread the ball to an Illinois wideout and the pass was broken up. A Bulldog defender made a gesture towards the Illinois wideout afterwards, drawing a flag. It’s unclear as to what the gesture was supposed to be, but Tradition will let it speak for itself.

Illinois probably won’t care too much about it as the penalty awarded its offense 15 more yards. Unfortunately it wasn’t a spot foul, because the Fighting Illini ended up punting the ball back to Mississippi State later on during the drive.

Say what you want about the defensive football that’s taken place, but this bowl game has definitely had its fair share of funny moments.