Illinois fans in or around the Orlando area this weekend may have a new place to watch Saturday’s game between the Illini and USF.

The Basement, a bar in Orlando which has become famous for giving away free beer during UCF football games, is making the same offer to Illinois fans on Saturday. Why? With UCF’s game against North Carolina cancelled due to Hurricane Florence, the only rooting interest for Knights fans is to cheer against in-state rival USF.

“We’ll be rooting for UCF through the transitive property during this hurricane,” The Basement put on Twitter.

Fans wearing Illinois or UCF gear is able to receive free beer during the game.

Illinois and USF are battling in Chicago on Saturday at Soldier Field, home of the NFL’s Bears. Last year, the two teams met in Tampa, a game the Bulls won 47-23.

So, if Illini fans are looking for a place to watch the game, The Basement looks like the best spot. You’ll have plenty of local support and, of course, free beer.