There’s no doubt that Illinois offensive lineman Nick Allegretti has done a lot of tremendous work on the field. Playing in 36 career games and starting in all 24 contests over the last two years proves that.

But Allegretti’s good work isn’t restricted to the playing field. In fact, the senior offensive lineman has done plenty of great work outside the walls of Memorial Stadium, too.

Tuesday, the University of Illinois received a letter from members of the Champaign-Urbana Kiwanis Club, praising Allegretti for the work he has done in the community, particularly the Tom Jones Challenge League.

In the letter, Allegretti was praised for always finding time to help the children and families involved with the Tom Jones Challenge League, and bringing joy to all those involved.

Here’s the letter the University of Illinois received:

That’s pretty cool stuff.

The letter also endorsed Allegretti for the AFCA Good Works Award for his service to the community.

According to the website, the Tom Jones Challenge League ” focuses on children, ages 6-21, with varying degrees of physical or mental challenges and works to provide a safe environment for kids to enjoy themselves.”

In his four years at Illinois, Allegretti has made a great impact on the field. He’s made an even better one off of it.